7 definitions by Junior Jelly Giant

Shit of this Nature, spoken casually to generally reflect an area that one is not that interested in, or has disdain for. SOTN
These buzzards return every february and crap on my car, SOTN.
by Junior Jelly Giant October 1, 2017
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Shit of this nature. Describing a set of circumstances or things that are not especially appealing.
People are leaving and leaving trash here at the picnic…SOTN… hu bu hu Shit of this nature. (Spoken politely)
by Junior Jelly Giant January 12, 2022
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a unwanted vocalization resulting in repercussive slappage.
Think you are not going to have to work this weekend? Talk Shit Get Slapped!
by Junior Jelly Giant September 27, 2017
Bo-Gee-Os-City: When something is blamed for being in a state of bogus. Ascertaining levels of bogus.
Man, these tickets are bogus! I wont put up with this bogiosity!
by Junior Jelly Giant November 7, 2021
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of or relating to Bozo as in Bozo the clown. A ridiculous statement or behavior.
Man, the way you acted at the wedding reception was like totally Bozotic.
by Junior Jelly Giant September 27, 2017
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it is the sentence. Generic ; I had to work 10 hours straight without a break. DWAB! Damn What a BITCH!
by Junior Jelly Giant September 27, 2017
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