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A person who posts remarks or comments onto internet forums or message boards in an attempt to get someone to comment negatively to it and to redirect attention onto himself. Usually, these remarks are controversial, stupid, off-topic, inflaming, illogical, or childish. Sometimes, the comments are enough to enrage the people in the forum to want to respond back with their own negative remarks which starts a flame war and changes the topic and attention of the discussion. Since, internet trolls are attention whores, this is exactly what they want since they probably don't get enough attention in real life and needs someone else to acknowledge their self-worth and existence. Nowadays, they are commonly found infesting internet forums and websites such as the GameFAQS Message Boards, youtube (most notably in the comments section), moviecodec, rpgcodex and many others. It is best to ignore them unless you want flame wars to engulf the forum.
An internet troll is an attention whore who posts stupid comments onto websites in an attempt to get a reaction towards him (usually negative) and in an attempt to get someone else to acknowledge their pathetic, insignificant lives since they don't receive that sort of attention in real life.
by Pfarrer October 01, 2014

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Sometimes abbreviated to simply the MVC, it's an internet forum that's used for the discussion of different pieces of fiction which ranges from comic books and movies to anime and manga. It also is one of the most poorly moderated forums in the entire internet and as a result, there are numerous fantards, trolls and fanboys who plague the website. It is especially notorious for its large amounts of DBZtards and Narutards who usually go in there to fanwank their respective franchises and to start flame wars.
Moviecodec is a nest to fanwankers and trolls due to its status as a terribly moderated forum.
by Pfarrer September 17, 2014

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The feeling that fans of a certain fandom feels when they realize that they share the same fandom, fanbase or fondness for a certain piece of fiction or character with a fantard or fanwanker. Usually, that fantard in the fandom fanwanks their favorite character, story or piece of fiction and this causes feelings of shame, disappointment and even anger in other fans since that person is making them look bad. All of these accumulated emotions and feelings is called the Raigen Effect.

The term first came into usage in an internet forum that's called the Outskirts Battledome where a fan decided to fan wank his favorite pieces of fiction and as a result everyone around him felt massive disappointment and even hatred for him since he's making them look like fanwankers and fantards. Hence, the term Raigen Effect was coined to describe these feelings.

Sometimes, all of these accumulated feelings will cause fans to even hate the piece of fiction that they like or to leave the fandom that they were a part of if the Raigen Effect becomes too strong. This feeling is most evidently observed when a normal DBZ fan realizes that his fanbase is filled with nothing but DBZtards.
The Raigen Effect is a term for the collection of feelings that one feels when he realizes that someone terrible likes the same thing that he likes and that terrible person is a bloody fantard that everyone hates.
by Pfarrer September 30, 2014

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A person, who's of non-Japanese descent, who wishes that he or she was Japanese and claims to be an expert on all things Japanese. Usually, the person gets most of his knowledge from watching anime and reading manga and adamantly believes that everything that's made in Japan is better than anything else that's created in the rest of the world. They try to speak Japanese (which are usually slang words from Japanese anime) but fail at it so badly. They also believe that Japan is exactly as depicted in anime and thinks that Japan is some sort of fairy tale land. Pretty much, they are posers who wish that they were Japanese, worships the Japanese as if they were gods, and thinks that Japan is the center of, well, everything and they are extremely annoying, are very retarded and have a massive case of inferiority complex. They also claim that they are being oppressed by "outsiders" but the ironic thing is that they are doing the oppressing.
A weeaboo is a poser that thinks that he or she is Japanese and this infuriates pretty much everyone around him.
by Pfarrer September 30, 2014

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A Japanese term that refers to the Japanese equivalent of a nerd or a geek but with an extremely negative connotation. Usually, otakus stay at home, don't go to school nor work, and don't try to do anything to better themselves or their societies and spend all of their time surfing the internet, play video games, or watch anime. The more extreme ones also sleep with pillow cases with anime characters on them and have entire rooms that are filled with nothing but anime goods which includes rooms full of anime figurines, which are sometimes found naked. Pretty much they are embarrassments towards Japanese society and the Japanese, themselves, believe this.

In America, however, anime fans mistakenly refer to themselves as otakus and has taken on a more positive connotation. But, otakus, in this sense, are hardcore anime fans. But it is still agreed upon that otakus in America are just as annoying as their Japanese counterparts since the ones in America believe that they know everything about anime, manga and sometimes fiction in general and they claim that they are never wrong in regards to their knowledge regarding anime and manga. Just like their Japanese counterparts, they love collecting figurines and have rooms full of nothing but things that are related to anime. The more extreme ones of these, however, are sometimes called weeaboos and actually wish that they were Japanese and worship the Japanese as if they were gods.
Otakus are infuriatingly annoying in both Japan and in America and it's generally not advised for someone to call himself an otaku, especially in front of a Japanese person since they look upon them with extreme disdain.
by Pfarrer October 01, 2014

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