Cute kitty/cat (and or a human with cat features) kawaii
Look its a kawaii neko :3
by KawaiiNeko~Chan4 June 5, 2019
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A kawaii neko is one who comes to japanese class dressed as if he/she were going to an anime convention. It litterally means "cute cat" in japanese, and it is usually one of the first things a n00b can say because they watch a lot of anime.
Frilly socks, any type of hat with ears, and parasols. (Mind you this is in the context of being worn to a class.)
by RaeTastic September 24, 2004
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An annoying prommie on Gaia Online's online forum, the General Discussion. She puts out prommie lists every year. She is self-obssesed, creating frequent accounts to namedrop herself. She has a group of followers who are also equally annoying and post frequent namedrop threads for KNDC. People just support her because they think they will become prommies soon too, or gain e-fame. She thinks she is better than everyone else, but is really just a psychotic, deranged, worrisome otaku deep down. Her fangirls/boys refer to her as the "Prommie God".
Bob: "Hey, Kawaii Neko Desu Chan put him on the prommie list, but no one knows him!"

Joe: "She has lost her mind."
by G . W . n________n July 5, 2008
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An anime day for all the kawaii nekos out there kawaii neko means cute cat so happy National Kawaii Neko day! What day is it you may ask it’s on October 1st
Person 1: Hey Happy National Kawaii Neko Day!!!
Person 2:You too have a good day!
Person1: *sends a photo of them as a Kawaii Neko*
Person2:also *sends a photo of them as a Kawaii Neko*
by KawaiiNeko1 May 29, 2021
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