(v.) to drink, party, or go out to the bars on a Wednesday especially to sing karaoke
When I'm done with my homework for Thurday, bust out the beers, and we will start Wednesdaying.
by UIGamma February 21, 2008
Saying used to explain why you're being less active or more quiet than usual.
Hot waitress at Hubbard's, "So why are you guys being so quiet today?"

Bowser (as he ogles her voluptuous breasts which apparently rendered him semi-comatose), "It's Wednesday."

Hot waitress, "Oh."
by BBoE April 20, 2006
(v.) to party, drink, or go out; especially to a bar for karaoke
I need to let off this steam from Tuesday's test. Grab a beer, and start to Wednesday.
by UIGamma February 22, 2008
A slang term for people of Black or African descent. Derived from the large amount of television sitcoms targeted towards the Black community airing on Wednesday night. Can be used as an adjective to describe things of or relating to wednesdays.
"There were so many wednesdays at that party last night." "'The Color Purple' is so wednesday."
by Damien&Ramien August 20, 2008
A slang word for weed that is so good you wait for it to come in on wednesday
You got any wednesday?
by m May 3, 2004
The day that american fathers rape their japanese sons.
Uh-oh.......its wednesday again......
by jack bronson December 3, 2004
A slang term used to describe men and women of Mexican/Latino decent. Usually used in conjunction with terms such as "lazy," "dirty," "illegal alien," "lowrider," and "beans." The term was coined in Hollywood by The M of T and friends. The reason 'Wednesday' became the slur was due to Wednesday also being referred to as "Hump Day". Since 47% (an overwhelming majority) of pregnant women are Mexican/Latino, (73% of that number being girls ages 12-17) 'Hump Day Wednesday' felt like the right choice. The rest of the weekdays represent different racial categories to help disguise affectionate sayings and niceties, as well.
I hate lazy Wednesdays. Let's go to Taco Bell and eat some beans!!!
by RedNeckZilla August 11, 2008