A wednesday, is a fine female. Particularly one you would like to hump, since wednesday is hump day.
My mom is a skraight Wednesday.
by Tyrone Wilkins November 12, 2010

I'd rather prefer Thursday but Wednesday isn't horrible.
I like Wednesday just fine. I'd just rather prefer Thursday a little bit more that's all.

And besides it's just a day of the week in general so you don't have to be offended by it!
by Joseph. October 7, 2007
a slang term refering to ones anal walls
Goddamn moo cake!, my wednesday is really burning today!
by Joe Facker October 8, 2003
A term for a clingy man that gets in the middle of everything. You two are just seeing eachother and he already has a leash on you. He even gets to the point that you can't avoid his every move.
Omfuck I swear I see that Wednesday everywhere. He's always getting in the way of my game.

Did you see Wednesday out last night? I swear he has a gps attached to me.
by BaddSsweatt October 21, 2011
A teaching day in the middle of the week designed by universities to ruin both weekends for academics.
Academic wife: Hey honey, come watch "Homes Under the Hammer" with me!"

University Academic: I can't babe, you'll have to Sky+ it. I gotta go to the campus, it's Wednesday
by The Gonzo Lecture March 25, 2010
A person of asian decent. Much like a monday or tuesday (slng for black people and lations, respectively).
Damnit! Do you think that wednesday can get the hell out of the way?!?!?!
by HarveyTarvey February 18, 2008
Wednesday night is consider to be pity night for dating
You're going on a date with her?! She is busted! We are doing a Wednesday dinner, my weekend is clear.
by J Lids March 31, 2010