Wednesday = Business Time
Man: Wednesday, it's when everything is just right...
Women: There's nothing good on tv...
Man: You haven't had your after work social sports team practice, so you are not too tired. Oh good it's all on.
by ThatLady March 8, 2011
Wednesday 'Noun'. Over biased rapist preferring young male shit vagina, signs of a Wednesday approaching are the faint whisper of 'Do you like that', 'cough cough' and 'take your pants off' in the wind. This is followed by 'you have a pretty mouth' and 'don't fight it' while the attack is taking place.
'Holy fuck I nearly came face to face with Wednesday last night, the only thing that stopped him attacking was the sound of screaming children in a house behind me, he had a huge boner'.
by A concerned bi stander April 20, 2012
Taco and butt love night
night of the week when you have taco's then but love
you should always eat taco's for dinner and then have anal sex for desert on Wednesday's
by the vin September 16, 2010
Not this Wednesday, but the Wednesday after.
"I'm having a shindig Wednesday"
"Oh nah, Wednesday Wednesday."
"Ahh, Wednesday Wednesday. Yeah sweet i'll be there with a slab and ho's."
by Matt Erickson June 11, 2007
A state of satisfaction and embracement of one's life.

An abstract, unreal feeling of limbo somewhere between physical and mental presence of reality.
how are you feeling today?’
by shrek and that one dude February 17, 2021
A phrase used in the Aristocracy led by Lady Josephine, which refers to the awfulness of being mid-week. Often used as a phrase in which you express your dislike of anything mentioned, and how uncopeable it was.

Example: Girl 1: I just saw an orange woman with black hair wearing lime green.

Boy 2: Not on a wednesday!
by angelofporcelain November 11, 2007