The food isolated by scientists that causes a woman to lose her sex-drive, ability to give a BJ.
I guess you're gonna be celibate now that Susie has had her wedding cake.
by Ghost3x7 April 20, 2009
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Wedding Cake is the term used to describe the exact point at which a man can expect to losing the following:

1. Freedom
2. Sex
3. Friends
4. Manhood

At this exact point also, he will gain the following:

1. Chores
2. Celibacy
3. PMS
4. And a minivan
Dustin: "Jon I hope you know what you are getting yourself into!"

Jon: "Yeah man, everything is great."

Dustin: "I don't think you know what is in that Wedding Cake!"
by Devious Tuning February 12, 2009
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Wedding Cake:-

Wedding Caking is an extreme version of Bukkake, even more extreme than Gokkun in which an actress may swallow the ejaculate of up to and beyond 100 men.

The ultimate aim of Wedding Caking is to cover the 'cakee' in so much seminal fluid that they resemble a thickly iced (frosted) wedding cake.

To fully accomplish the act of Wedding Caking requires many litres of semen, this semen may be collected in advance, but common practice seems to favour live ejaculation; where the recipient is ejaculated upon by a constant stream of men.

A successful Wedding Caking may require upwards of 200 men, although it is a long process the outcome is very favourable and Wedding Caking is prized for its great entertainment value.

Wedding Caking is relatively uncommon, but is popular with the underground porn industry, large orgies, and swinging parties.

Amateur Wedding Caking is a more common act. Amateur wedding caking is done using the same process as normal Wedding Caking, but is done by only a small group of men. Amateur Wedding Caking is often refered to as Ice Bunning, Birthday Caking and Battenburging.
"Me and the lads gave Barbara a really good Wedding Caking last night, I had flashbacks to our wedding reception."

"If you don't shut your mouth I'll make you looking like a Wedding Cake lad."

"Ahmed arose from his slumber to the horrid reality that he had been Wedding Caked during the night."

"How about some Ice Bunning this evening wife."

"You want some Goo Goggles to go with that Wedding Cake, beeatch!."
by S. Ladavooch March 10, 2007
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Start with a chair with a dildo attached. First male member of group sits on dildo. Then next sits on his dick, and so forth. A minimum of three tiers recommended. Women and men included. Strap-ons are also welcome.
"Hey guys. We have enough people here to wedding cake if anyone's interested."
by WisdomWizard March 14, 2017
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When you are about to cum, pull out, cum in your hand, and then smear it all over her mouth.
hey honey, how'd you like your wedding cake early?
by Mozes April 7, 2005
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A wedding cake is a term used to describe a backed-up toilet that continues to be used. Each subsequent layer of feces and toilet paper creates an additonal layer to the "cake".
Man, you should see the wedding cake in the second stall. I just added a fifth layer to that thing!
by MMoose November 8, 2006
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Any guy who:
a)Is Sweet
b)Has good taste
c)Looks good
d)Has many layers (not one dimensional, blech!)
e)Is reserved for someone else or completely TAKEN (I/E: has a serious/exclusive girlfriend, fiance, or wife.

A true lady may playfully flirt and have and active friendship with a wedding cake, but will NOT agressively flirt or otherwise make serious moves towards a man who is of wedding cake status, no matter how desirable.
"Mike's hot"
"Yeah but he's a total wedding cake."
by fabellaregina April 22, 2006
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