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A corrupt governmental body made up of thieves, also sullied by nepotism and croneyism.
The county government is a perfect example of a kleptocracy
by ghost3x7 April 20, 2009

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A great way to spend the next 4 years. It isn't difficult as he bashes himself.
Obama pitcher gonna be on the fi-dollah foo-stamp! Is an example of an Obama bashing
by ghost3x7 April 20, 2009

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conspiracy theorists, whether the conspiracy is real or contrived. Usually convinced that whatever politician they dislike is a "reptillian alien" and that standard jet exhaust contrails are actually chem-trails of chemicals being sprayed down on the earth by the Illuminati.
The name originates from the belief that we are being brainwashed by mind control beams, and only hats made of foil or tin will keep the evil brainwaves out.
That guy over there is a card-carrying member of the tin foil hat club.

by ghost3x7 April 20, 2009

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A patch often found on the colors of a 1%er meaning they have "Taken Care" of club business. Usually attributed to killing for the club.
"I Took Care of Business"
See that scooter-bum with the ITCB patch? Don't fuck with him or he'll kill you.
Don't ever rat-fuck the colors of anybody wearing an ITCOB / ITCB patch, it means they killed a motherfucker.
by Ghost3x7 April 18, 2009

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Boonie hat, boonie brim or Boonie is current authorized head gear for military personel. It is a full brimmed hat, and provides limited protection from the sun and rain to the head and neck.
These hats were origionally made popular during the Vietnam Conflict worn by Special Ops soldiers and LRRP personel. The Boonie hat replaces the standard Army issue "soft-cap" and the Marine Corps "cover". Sometimes called a "flop-hat"
Are you gonna wear your Boonie Hat on this creep?
by ghost3x7 April 20, 2009

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Military slang for a soldier who in spite of being sent to a choice duty like Germany (PARTY PALACE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMAND) decides to stay in the barracks wasting valuable youth, life experience and a helluva good time out "on the economy". Usually they are young soldiers who are so far away from home for the first time.
Damn dude, here it is Octoberfest, and Hammond won't leave his room, what a barracks rat.
by ghost3x7 April 21, 2009

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a poser, combat veteran wannabe. AKA playstation commando, or basement ninja. SOmebody who plays too many video games and thinks that they are a weapons expert. When out of the basement, they can be found spreading misinformation about weapons based on the "information menu" on the game's weapon's menu. They are easy to spot, and use terms like ".308 Lapua Magnum" or they insist that a 9mm will shoot through a block wall.
Generally the closest these generally harmless folk come to actually shooting a real gun is the gun's AIRSOFT counterpart.
They have no idea what firearms safety is, have never read the "10 Commandments of Range Safety, and when they reach 21, the first thing they buy is a Glock 19 with a laser. They are often suprised that the laser is an aiming device, not a guidance system for the bullet.
When corrected, their reactions can be anything from mild embarrassment to a militant rage.
Fun to watch at gunshows when they fondle a real gun and are amazed that it is so heavy.
That virtual gunfighter just shot himself in the foot, better call 911.
by ghost3x7 April 20, 2009

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