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Wayner is derived from Greek Mythology. He was the god of cool. Whenever fun was needed they would call upon this mighty god to get the party started. Very few are given this name today as it is reserved for one man who is said will rise to power sometime during or after the year 2010. It is said he will bring fun back into the world.
This party sucks!!!
Yes we must call on the party god known only as "Wayner".
Dude this is like the best party ever now it is totally cool!
by DD1979 February 03, 2010
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Someone who is from or lives in Wayne County (or Jesup), Georgia. Wayners tend to be oddballs and stand out in relation to others from Southeast Georgia. Wayners are weird, but occasionally loveable. The best Wayners are from K'Ville since K'Ville knows how to turn up.
Man, that kid is such a Wayner. He always smells his fork after he scratches his butt with it.
by @ThatGuy101 November 12, 2017
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Trainers worn by waynesWayne, usually the adidas 3 stripe or Reebok Classics variety in lower class Waynes, Nike Shox in upper class wanabe waynes who can't really be waynes cos they ain't common enough. Often worn with a very blim burned hoody and baseball cap.
Friend: Those are phat trainers Wayne did you get them down the market?
Wayne: Yeh, me mum got 'em, it was dole day yesterday.
by sarahsays November 19, 2003
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Typically a man named Wayne that acts like a d$&k. He is disappointed by the fact that his name has gone out of style and no longer has the “Wild West” appeal it once did in the 60’s. In an attempt to bring Wayner’s are typically short white guys that wear Teva sandals and Rambo headbands. Wayners want to lead the kazoo parade, not simply be in it.
Don’t be such a Wayner.
by Kadleader May 26, 2018
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