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To pay little or no attention to personal hygiene. Just wake up funky and go about your day without bathing, brushing your teeth, or washing your face just like cowboys would do in the John Wayne movies.
I can't believe my roommate just jumps straight up outta bed and heads to class Wayning everyday like he slept in the dirt and woke up and jumped on a horse with a bottle of whiskey.
by Six 8 August 17, 2007
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The act of pretending to not see someone and walk past them while hitting their shoulder with yours

^Wayne is the type of person who doesn't care what you think so asking him to stop wayning you isn't going to help
by Interwebs47 July 04, 2017
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When you drink a twelve pack of Diet Pepsi while and watch ten hours of television without getting up to use the bathroom
Wrestling season started today so Matt's wayning.
by Mattwrangler April 19, 2018
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