Guard Dog to protect people. Commonly used in junk yards.
The good watchdog deployed as a guarddog protected his masters domain.
by The Computer Guy December 7, 2005
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1.Dogs who have compassion for elegant watches (and for being good protectors) you usually people ask for advice on what kinda watch matches their outfit.

2.Or it can mean a person watching every steps you make, and report to some big boss.
Overpaid Upper Middle Class Suburban Fuck: Hey my watchdog, i'll have a meeting soon do not let anyone into the yard.
Watchdog: (barking) : Hey you shoul have pick the "Vacheron Constantin Malte Silver Dial Men's Watch" you overpaid upper middle class suburban fuck.
Overpaid Upper Middle Class Suburban Fuck: Attaboy

Kane: What's the phone for?

Lynch: I'll be reporting back to them every morning and night

Kane: Great, a lurking watchdog...
(quote from Kane&Lynch Dead Men)
by BracedAcrobat94 January 19, 2021
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A useless anticheat for a game that does absolutely nothing, and can not tell the difference between a legitmate player and literally God.
Player 1: Wow! This game's anticheat is a total watchdog!
by AntiGamingChair January 4, 2021
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Watchdog is a Minecraft anticheat used on the Hypixel network server
person 1: hey want to play on the Hypixel network?
person 2: Sure, but what anticheat does the Minecraft hypixel server use?
person 1: Well, it uses the Watchdog anticheat
person 2: Good, lets play!
by TobbyHappy August 12, 2019
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A guy/girl posted up in a watchtower, telling other people how to live life, how to do things, what politicians/cops/government officials/agencies are on their side, what to buy when they go to the store, and so on.
There's not a whole lot you get done without a watchdog having an answer for a better way/expectation of a better job for doing it.
by Solid Mantis May 26, 2019
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The game that completely stole the show at E3.

It is about a badass super hacker that has access to everyone's personal information and uses it to fuck up some serious shit.

In a nutshell possibly the best game that is going come out in 2012.
BREAKING NEWS: Because of the awesomeness that is watchdogs, everyone that has seen the trailer has exploded with happiness.
by Yazzoo26 June 11, 2012
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When a doge is watching you, with evil intents, and red eyes.
Little child: That doge is watching me so creepily, he's such a watchdoge

Doge: Such small, Much child
by Duh ashun June 10, 2014
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