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Guard Dog to protect people. Commonly used in junk yards.
The good watchdog deployed as a guarddog protected his masters domain.
by The Computer Guy December 07, 2005
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The game that completely stole the show at E3.

It is about a badass super hacker that has access to everyone's personal information and uses it to fuck up some serious shit.

In a nutshell possibly the best game that is going come out in 2012.
BREAKING NEWS: Because of the awesomeness that is watchdogs, everyone that has seen the trailer has exploded with happiness.
by Yazzoo26 June 11, 2012
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An upcoming game for "all home consoles" and PC. It is set in a near-future world, where everything is connected by technology.

The main point of the game is to hack the city's technology in order to help the main character. There isn't a linear story to follow, but the game prompts the player to perform specific actions such as stopping crimes.

The game allows to control practically anything via a handheld device. (which kind of looks like an iPhone?) The player can e.g. hack traffic lights to cause traffic to crash, hack ATMs to withdraw cash, hack people's phones to end calls etc. The possibilities are enormous.

The game was praised at E3 about it's originality, next-gen graphics and the unique gameplay. Ubisoft's executive director for EMEA territories, Alain Coore, stated that Watch Dogs will try to compete with other open-world games, such as Grand Theft Auto.
Watch Dogs is going to be one of the greatest games in 2013.
by DogsWatch March 08, 2013
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Watchdog is a Minecraft anticheat used on the Hypixel network server
person 1: hey want to play on the Hypixel network?
person 2: Sure, but what anticheat does the Minecraft hypixel server use?
person 1: Well, it uses the Watchdog anticheat
person 2: Good, lets play!
by TobbyHappy August 12, 2019
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When a kid or kids of parents enjoy watching or spying on them having sex!
There parents where unknowing of their kid being watch dogs!
by Fishtarts November 30, 2015
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A guy/girl posted up in a watchtower, telling other people how to live life, how to do things, what politicians/cops/government officials/agencies are on their side, what to buy when they go to the store, and so on.
There's not a whole lot you get done without a watchdog having an answer for a better way/expectation of a better job for doing it.
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