An island in Puget Sound near Seattle with good schools, beautiful scenery, and lots of liberals, lawyers and technology CEOs. Though it has a tendancy to create its own isolated "bubble" of a world, it is overall a very nice place to live. Unless of course you are a teenager, in which case it kind of sucks.

Coffee is one of the most important things to the survival of islanders, second only to the ferry boats connecting it to Seattle. The island revolves completely around the ferry schedule.

BI is stereotyped throughout Washington as a bunch of rich snobs. They are confusing BI with Mercer Island. Though it is a very affluent area, lots of the people who live there are very nice.

It is also a hot spot for liberal politics. In the 2004 election, Kerry won 73% of the vote. In every one of the 22 precincts, Kerry was given at least a 2-1 victory.

Bainbridge is mobbed by tourists in the summer, much to the dismay of islanders who are just trying to walk down Winslow Way without being blocked by gaggles of Californians. Considering that Bainbridge is lacking in things to do, this does not make much sense at all.
Tourists should stay off Bainbridge Island because there isn't that much to do there anyway.

Bainbridge Island is totally superior to North Kitsap and kicks their ass regularly.
by another bainbridge snob November 28, 2006
An island off the coast of seattle full of cookie cutter assholes. Most people are rich, but don’t realize they’re rich because everyone is rich so they don’t appreciate what they have and are very disconnected from reality. It’s a very beautiful place from the outside but the longer you stay the more fucked up you realize the people are.

Mostly there’s a lot of unhappy rich people, who probably peaked in highschool and are upset that they married into a loveless relationship and are working for Amazon. Because of this they passive aggressively bully anyone who rejects this lifestyle, and post on facebook complaining a lot. If they have kids, they get involved with middle/high school drama and gossip about random kids traumatic events as their only source of entertainment.

The high school is super fucked up and full of drug addicts and rapists who are protected from consequences by daddy’s money. A lot of them don’t ever leave so there’s a big population of 20 something’s who drive drunk/high everywhere and are always trying to get with underage girls.
There’s a lot of very shallow and sheltered people, and not much to do for fun. If your parents weren’t born here you probably won’t make many friends, as people are very snobby about their family’s history on the island and extremely cliquey. Also everything is very expensive and inconvenient to get to. Overall a very shitty place to grow up and I do not recommend it to anyone.
Guy: Yo I’m thinking of moving to Bainbridge Island
Guy 2: So you’re a masochist?
by elleangel222 July 19, 2022
Formerly the town of Winslow, Bainbridge Island is a haven for douche bags. Bainbridge is commonly referred to as "Braindead Island", and this name cannot be closer to the truth. The only thing that is of worth on that rock is the Eagle Harbor ferry terminal. Bainbridge Island is full of a certain species of white kid who think they will inherit the world because their family is rich and they drive an STI. Clothing is commonly Timberland boots, jeans big enough for Jared(pre-subway), Tall Tee's, and more hemp braclets than at all of Burning Man. Their parents are an even stranger brand of wine swilling, Volvo driving, Norah Jones listening douchery. Noted for their terrible driving skills and lack of tact with the lower classes. Main activities include marijuana, music shows at the Guild, losing to North Kitsap at football, and more marijuana
Go back to Bainbridge Island before the prolitariate rise up and kill you in your bed, you rich bastard.
by John J. Frips October 2, 2008
An island in the kitsap area, west of Seattle. Bainbridge Island is a leisurely place to live, mostly inhabited by rich families. The schools are known as great schools and the kids tend to be unappreciative. Mostly snobbish, but still nice. The ferry is a great way to visit other great areas in the region because you will get island fever! And fast! Not a lot to do... Oh and lots of drinking... lotsss of drinking...

A great place to settle down to be near the city, but still get a taste of nature.
Maybe if I ever win the lottery I could buy a house on Bainbridge Island!

This place is so small, cold and pretty. It reminds me of Bainbridge Island!
by JACKTHEGIANT February 9, 2011
The small rock in the middle of the Puget Sound where God put all the white people he hates, along with the Queen of the Black People to rule from afar and scare all the white people.
"Dude, why didn't God just send Eve to Bainbridge Island when she ate the forbidden apple? She would've loved it."
by Horny Emo Creeper June 27, 2008
Someone who lives on Bainbridge Island. There are three types of these people:
1. Very freakishly tall men who still wear big rimmed glasses, and suits that should have stayed in the 90's. They most likely work for Microsoft.
2. Granola cruncher kids, who are unfortunately dressed in leggings and rain boots 365 days a year by their psychotic parents.
3. Strangely attractive men in hiking gear.

It's typically very easy to spot a Bainbridge Islander on the ferry boat.
Person 1: Hey, that guy is tall!
Person 2: Must be a Bainbridge Islander

by amelia mclean February 8, 2009
bainbridge island is the premier island destination in Washington's Puget Sound. Bainbridge is inhabited by many thugs who love to ride dirty and are fresh like stunnah who shine like paint and rule the summer. whether you are into girls volleyball(or spandex in general)high wasl scores or legendary academic clubs (see: chess/math/debate) bainbridge may be your spot.