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An overabundance of cosmetics applied to a woman's face for the purpose of hiding what lies beneath. Typically there are a few giveaways such as:

-a distinctly different skin tone transition occurring right under the jawline.

-A chalky texture to the face due to outer layers of base starting to break free.
"I was going to go home with the girl from the club, but given the lighting circumstances and all the War Paint she was wearing, there's a good chance I would've woke up next to a Butterface"
by gallivanter May 04, 2009
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facial cosmetics, facial makeup(from the facial paint that was sometimes worn by Native Americans)
She forgot to put on her war paint again.
by The Return of Light Joker October 22, 2007
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Noun. Make-up, Facial cosmetics
"I have to put on my war paint before I go off to school."
by Nathalie Marcom December 23, 2005
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When your fingers accidentally start your girl's period and you quickly wipe it across her face screaming, "You can take our land, but you can never take our Freedom! "
I was fingering my girl and she started on my hand. So I gave her War Paint.
by jumperborne June 19, 2014
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To put on war paint one must perform oral sex on a menstruating woman with a tampon inserted. With all the pieces in place, the man removes the tampon from the womans vagina by grabbing the string of the tampon with his teeth. Once he has the tampon firmly clenched in his jaws, the individual proceeds to shake his/her head back and forth from right to left in order to administer the "war paint." (Braveheart style except for the hue of the paint is red instead of blue...hahaha, paint)
It was that time of the month for Jimmy's woman so he decided to go on the offensive and get his war paint on for the time of battle.
by Joel D May 06, 2008
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War paint was used by soldiers in ancient times; they used to paint their faces with dark and light colours in order to scare off enemies in battle.
They put on war paint before battle.
by DrNikku July 17, 2015
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