Wapanese is a term which originally was for people of Japanese and White Descent.

However, It's now used for someone who wants to be Japanese.

Usually, Wapanese:

1.) They want to live in Japan

2.) They eat Japanese food

3.) They know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans

4.) They want to be Japanese

5.) They listen to Jpop/Jrock

6.) Some watch anime

7.) They learn Japanese

8.) They believe they were born in the wrong race

9.) They alot of times claim to be Japanese on the internet

10.) They love the Japanese culture Kimonos, Etc

11) They use Japanese words Stereotypically, They say Baka and Kawaiii Desu Ne alot, But I have never seen one do that
Wapanese Girl: I want to be Japanese
by kappukeki101 August 06, 2010
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Okay, first off, anime is by far not "little kid animation" as some of the afformentioned definitions of Wapenese describe. Anime is in fact of higher quality than American animation, and contains notably 1) a plot; 2)a soundtrack that can be enjoyed; 3)character shading. Just because it is animated doesn't make it crap, f00.

While Wapanese kiddos are generally social outcast who are fat, pimply, and greesy (oh, and think hentai is sexually stimulating), there are people interested in Japan or anime who are in fact, not Wapanese. Wapanese is what Wapanese people call "otaku," which is an incorrect definition of the word (otaku means house).
Anyhow, a Wapanese is in fact a white kid who thinks that he is Japanese, or follows a majority of these traits:

1. Believes that he or she will marry a very hot Japanese man or woman.

2. Cosplays, ie. dresses as an anime character.

3. Pays money to go to an Anime Convention.

4 Uses Japanese words or phrases in internet speak or everyday life, even though he or she can't understand, read, or whatever Japanese.

5. Believe that they aren't white, but in fact, are. (Um...okay)
by Rekki May 17, 2005
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The Wapanese are an ethnic minority scattered throughout parts of Western Europe and the United States of Canada. The Wapanese, or "MaSsIvE oTaKu ^_^" as they sometimes refer to themselves, are an ethnic minority, but usually emerge from rich white families that originate from Western Europe. These Wapanese reject their race and common sense by deciding they will become Japanese. These Wapanese people spend thousands of dollars buying cheap garbage from Japan and spend most of their time watching anime.

The Wapanese, throughout their 3 years of existance, have been persecuted. Unlike other persecuted minorities, nobody missed them.
Regard the Wapanese female over yonder. She is overweight and drooling over some yaoi animu buttsecks.
by Ninja337 January 03, 2007
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Word used by narrow-minded, usually popular, usually white male high school student (who, coincidently, usually try to be black), to describe people who like anime. People who use this term usually use it because it's "un-cool" to like anime, because it's 'kids stuff'. These people have never sat down and watched an actually good anime, such as Evangelion, Hellsing, X/1999, Cowboy Bebop, or Trigun. Can usually be spotted by their skate punk clothes, shaved head, and *coughtinydickcough*.
All anime r teh s uck! I have a tiny little baby dick!
by Nosferatu June 25, 2003
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Those who think Japan and the Japanese culture is superior to all other countries and cultures in every shape, way, and form. The Wapanese will try to use their own language (mostly English fan boys and fan girls) in combination with their own language. They also learned their amazing Japanese language from watching anime with a lot of tentacle porn too. Most Wapanese people don't know what they're saying in Japanese most of the time except for the common words like Kawaii, Desu, and Baka. The Wapanese will seek Japanese women to date, and most likely stalk them. All Wapanese people are unleeb (see Leeb) and deserve to be banned from space (see space core from portal). If they wanna see a leeber, they must buy a telescope, Especially made with the Da Fanni camo (also known as the Kawaii camo from Black Ops 2).
Guy1: Hey nick, where are you going?

Nick: To the new Animecon. It's so Kawaii Desu

Guy1: You sound like a faggot you're not even Japanese

Nick: You're Baka Desu. I'm going to go heat a good artist like Hatsune Miku

Guy1: Lilwayne is ashamed of you now. You must be Wapanese.
by OpTiC L33Ber August 05, 2013
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Also known as a weeaboo or weeb, these awful, sad creatures can be found on 4chan , deviantart , paigeeworld , at your local comic book store, in their parent's basement, or in the comment section of a J-pop YouTube video. Commom traits of the Wapanese are anime profile pictures, Japanglish (japanese words in Romaji form used in an English sentence. E.g: "OH EM GEE THIS JAPANESE SCHOOL GIRL OUTFIT IS SO OTAKU-Y AND KAWAII AND DESU DESU NE?????? NYAAAAA~~ o////o" and "U-UR JUST JEALOUS OF MY SUPER KAWAII CHIBI MANGA COLLECTION Y-YOU B-B-BAKA >:(((((") excessive anime watch time, Japanese/anime posters everywhere in their room, and using faces after sentences such as o////o, :3, T~T, ^^, and ^-^. These people are absolutely obsessed with Asian culture and believe they were born and raised in Japan. As you probably already can tell, these creatures are just hard to stand. Keep in mind, you may like the culture and watch anime but just don't do THIS. Asian people are half protected of being weeaboos but they still can go too far.
Fucking wapanese people are so disgusting.
by ILuvSoupOmNom April 17, 2017
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