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Is the term used to describe Japanese youth culture who cos-play or 'constume play' on Sundays in the district of Harajuku. Seen as rebels to conformity, Harajuku is a popular place for them to show off their own creations and usually pose for others. Syles include Gothic, Lolita, anime/manga based or futuristic.

-What Gwen Stefani forgets to mention it that many of the best Harajuku girls are actually men- >:D
"Hey Yuki? wanna go down to Harajuku this Sunday? iv just finished my last outfit"

"Gwen Stefani has mangled the Western view of Harajuku girls she can't even pronounce the name properly. HARA-JU-KU not HARASHHUUUKKU. i hope those back up dancers get paid really well.
by Postscript April 14, 2007
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A group of japanese girls who are currently being paid to follow around gwen stefani in various costumes and giggle in an attempt to give her street credit.

This credit is needed because
a. her new album sucks
b. she says "wicked" and "harajuku" way too many times on said album
c. her treatment of japanese culture and these women is borderline offensive, and unquestionably a form of cultural expropriation
"you harajuku girls, damn you've got some wicked style"
see: everysong on the damn album


Me: "Gwen, don't you think paying these women to be your bitches is kind of offensive?"
Gwen: "huh?!"
by the_common_man April 20, 2005
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harajuku is a small district of tokyo where teens and young adults shop and hang out to explore their own fashion trends. i.e. visual kei, decora, elegant gothic lolita
so a harajuku girl is a young, female participant in this fashionable subculture.

the term "harajuku girl" may have been coined by pop singer gwen stefani, but should not be associated with her beyond the title of one of her 'songs' as she is a poser and knows less about tokyo than a wapanese.
gwen stefani is bastardizing tokyo street fashion for her own promotion. she should leave the harajuku girls alone and go back to ruining ska.
by Rae. April 27, 2005
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1. A group of girls who like fashion who live in the Harajuka district of Tokyo.
2. The title of a Gwen Stefani song.
I was walking in Tokoyo and I saw a girl dressed as if she was on the catwalk - must be a Harajuko girl.
by Quirkycat December 30, 2004
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Gwen Stephani's four mute Japenese slaves whom she treats like fashion accesories. (Hello Kitty, wierd hair styles, use your imagination.) Gwen should just get some new chandelier earrings!
Me: Can't you Harajuku girls get a life?
Harajuku girl #1: ...?
#2: ...?
#3: ...?
#4: ...?
by what's it 2 u July 03, 2005
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originates from japan. Harajuku girls have a very original style. They often mix and match a lot of different styles using things they bought from charity shops and very high priced designer clothes lines. It's extreme, surreal and super cute. Gwen Stefani is a huge fan- She's made songs about Harajuku and is even bringing out a Harajuku clothes line called L.A.M.B. (love angel music baby)
Harajuku girls, I'm looking at you girls
You're so original girls
You got the look that makes you stand out
Harajuku Girls, I'm looking at you girls
You mix and match it girls
You dress so fly and just parade around- Gwen Stefani 'Harajuku Girls'
by coralie June 28, 2005
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The horrible, ear bleeding, out of tune, break your face, stomach throbbing, song by Gwen Stefani.

I pretty much degrades Japanese girls and classes the fruits/decora look into ONE class, "Harajuku."

The girls that she totes around like an accessory, it is also an insult. Human beings are NOT accessories you no talent.

No Gwen, not all these girls come from Harajuku. She can't even pronounce Japanese right. Her, her song, and her fashion line is nothing but an insult to the Japanese culture.

If you listen to "Harajuku Girls," have some container ready, because you will vomit you're last meal. If you like the song, then you obviously are completely blind to culture and just plain stupid as a rock.
"You're looking so distinctive like D.N.A., like nothing I've
ever seen in the U.S.A."

ME: Then you're not looking hard enough idiot. There are us Decora and Fruits people here. Do your research before you blindly jump into things.

"(bishoujo you're so vogue)"

ME: Just shut up. You don't even know what you're talking about you Wapanese lame ass. Get a clue.

"Were mono - there's me, there's you (hoko-ten)
In a pedestrian paradise"

ME: Wannabe. Come on Gwen, you USED to have talent back in the days of yore!

"Cho saikou - Harajuku Girls
And that's what you drop, that's what you drop
(I don't think you understand I'm your biggest fan)
(Gwen Stefani - you like me?)"

ME: No you ho. Get a life and stop treating people like accessories. Japanese people DO NOT adore you. I was an exchange student, I know that crap. Idiot.
by Hyasinth December 23, 2005
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