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Used in the far nothern ass of queensland, Cairns. Literally means what are you doing/upto. You hear it used by 100% of the population of Cairns.
eshay at cairns central #1: ay wanu
hoodrat at cairns central: ay fuck al wanu g
eshay at cairns central #2: wanu tonite wanna sesh
hoodrat at cairns central #2: yeah okay but wanu tomorrow ufla we go machens
by hoodrat101010 July 05, 2017
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An Aboriginal cultivated saying for "what doing".

Used in the context to ask what are you doing...
Person 1: "Oi, wanu later"
Person 2: "nm bud"
by Jeeessca October 02, 2016
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A term used in a shithole called cairns up in North Queensland. Commonly used by stupid abo's and fags from state schools from being poor. Mostly heard in cennies and anywhere in schools. It means what are you doing but most of the time dumb pricks use the word for no reason at all.
Abo 1: Oy wanu cunzy wanem bala got ani shing on ya ay bruz
Innocent St Andrews kid: What the fuck are you saying cunt
by thy November 17, 2017
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