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Wani is known as a smart and pretty girl, she like a simple but nice outfit and love to make friends. She really like to eat a lot and always have a kind heart. Always smile & she obviously can be a true friend, true sould and trusted one.
Wow look at wani, she is the prettiest among the girl
by Mwkq December 28, 2017
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A brave woman; also pretty; have a kind heart and everyone loves her
Go Wani! You know youre such a brave woman on the earth. You can do it!
by xxxx_random April 22, 2018
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Urban Alligator; a human form gator that lives in a city, or is transient.
There goes Wani! Everybody loves Wani. He is awesome.
by Alligator March 30, 2005
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Wanis are annoying and clingy creatures with irritatingly large egos by calling themselves the 'king' of everywhere and everyone. They are so desperate that after a few weeks of talking they act like you've been married for 5 years. Wanis have no brain cells and are overly obsessive+ they are retareded:)
Omg sion phoned me 9 times, he's such a wani sion

Wani alert, wani alertbeware
by Lololosiansleibach March 14, 2014
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