Something that looks or sound inappropriate. It can also mean something that something is obvious or stupid. Also happens to be Santana(the greatest character ever)'s catch phrase.
Example 1:
Carl-"You guys have a hole to fill and i'm just trying to help will it"

Example 2:

Kitty- "You're so funny and self deprecating, we're so much alike"
Quinn- Looks around in confusion
Santana- "Wanky"

Example 3:

Puck- "Once you see a baby come out of a girls magic garden everything else is easily acceptable"
Quinn-"I think I love you puck. And I know it's not gonna be easy what, with me and you being me and you. But, i'd rather do

hard with you than easy with someone else."
Santana- "Wanky"
Quinn- "Santana for once i'd appreciate it if you kept you inevitable snark to yourself.
by Auntie Snix March 16, 2020
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Wanky (wah-aye-enn-key): adj. Word used to describe moments of great sexual attraction and sexual tension.

Used by the one and only Santana lopez.
by Brittanaislovebitches February 25, 2011
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Said when pointing out innuendos in conversation, similar to "that's what she said" except less of a joke. Frequently used by Santana Lopes on the comedy series Glee.
Girl: "could you help me fill this hole?"
Guy: "Yeah"
Santana: "Wanky" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by Dan and Phill Trash August 4, 2019
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Odd, different, confused, strange...
That is a wanky way of seeing things..That weird picture makes my eyes wanky.. I feel real wanky about this date tonight...
by Kowgirlnme December 20, 2016
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Woman: I want you to grind that metal to make a cascade of sparks-
Guy interrupts: Well shouldn't we go to a grinding class or something.
Girl: Wanky
by Gurrrrr November 3, 2013
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When something (usually technological) acts in a finicky or inconsistently operable fashion.
"My internet usually runs smooth but today it's been acting a little wanky."

"I'd give you a ride but I don't know if my car is going start. It's been a bit wanky lately."
by mailboxfish October 4, 2011
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To be cranky and to whine.
"Stop being wanky or i wil ground you."
by digigoogi August 16, 2009
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