a term used by people who try to claim that their dislike of something is justified
Person A: "that is wanky, so therefore i don't like it"

Person B: "but isn't it only wanky BECAUSE you don't like it"

Person A: "shut up, i like my logically fallacious argument"
by blahblahblah June 9, 2004
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the name given to my bottom and vagina as a young child... can be used to describe the presence of the ass, vagina, and penis...UNIVERSAL*adding doodler to the end gives more of a manly feel*
Oh cropshakes!he fucked me in the wankie!
Stick your wankie in my wankie!
Let's rub wankies!
by ashley2sexc June 25, 2005
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adverb: a feeling of overwhelming sexual arousal that comes over you when you've got no other sexual outlet than masturbation (wanking off, having a wank, etc.). Like horny except that horniness may include the arousal that comes when you actually have a partner to relieve the sexual tension with, or can get one.
Carrie: "God, I watched Troy again and I've been feeling wanky over Brad Pitt all day."
Janet: "Why do you do this to yourself? Just call up Greg and get him down there for a booty call!"
Carrie: "I can't. He'll think I still have feelings for him. I'm just gonna get in a hot bath and wank it out of my system."
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The act of standing naked in front of a mirrow while wanking and taking a 'selfie' on your phone
Friend 1: Dude, did you get that epic Wankie i sent you?
Friend 2: Yuck, that shit cray
by Zigmatic May 7, 2014
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whoa, he gave her a wanky!
by lylela May 21, 2011
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something that is a mix of whacky and wonky.
girl but my stomach is too wanky today to eat
guy: WANKY ?
other girl: yeah
girl: lol
another girl: wank?
guy: UMMMM
other girl: a mix of whacky and wonky
by Jiggs13 October 22, 2010
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My way of saying to wank with some one.
guy1-I'm gunna have a wankie with my gal 2night
guy2- ur lucky u even have a grl...I GT DUMPED WAAAAH
guy1-it's ok,i know a few girls who will have a wankie with anyone!
by OmFg iT's tEjU! July 11, 2008
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