A person who claims to be special forces but really isnt
Homeless Walter mitty with uniform: Can ya spare some change.
Random man: Fuck off you disgrace
by Gryuhdyiokjgd Jkoifyogsd January 21, 2018
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A fictional character prone to daydreaming and fantasy. Currently in the news in the UK after a government official compared a UK intelligence worker David Kelly to Walter Mitty. Dr Kelly then killed himself, sparking the Hutton inquiry which will probably be a whitewash and Tony Blair will cling to power for a little while longer. Tosser.
He is a Walter Mitty-style fantasist!
by Ian Chode September 17, 2003
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When someone hands you a glass of wine with a big palm print on the glass vs handing the glass stem first like any civilized wine drinker might.
"Can you please pass my wine, and don't Walter Mitty the glass."

Walter Mitty was a pitiful character from a James Thurber story. The movie with Dany Kaye.
by Christine_Currie January 9, 2009
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