Those who shop exclusively at Walmart. They are identified by their outdated style of dress and hair. Most also have unusual body types and dental configurations thereby giving the impression they are natives of another planet.
Friday is the most popular night for the Walmartians to shop.
by legz2walk April 29, 2008
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Sloth-like dumbshit that can be found 'grazing' at any Walmart at any time. Usually morbidly obese with a gaggle of hoosierlings. They walk as slow as they can right in front of you and won't let you pass especially when you know exactly what you want and exactly where it is.
God damn, I hate all these fucking Walmartians! Don't they have something better to do with themselves besides commenting on all this stupid cheap bullshit? Make a decision you sorry excuse for a consumer!
by Travis Hackney October 16, 2008
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The people you see shopping at Walmart at 3am for other reasons than to get medicine for themselves or a family member.
People that hang out at Walmart.
the crazy people you see at Walmart talking to themselves.
"Last week my son was sick, so I went to Walmart to get some childrens tylenol and there were like 3 or 4 families there shopping for clothes and other things you would buy IF IT WASN'T 3AM IN THE FREAKING MORNING. They must like to hang out at Walmart.....they're Walmartians.
by worker bee # 4,657,891,326,548 October 24, 2008
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Any of the large denomination of lower class people who are only seen in public at Walmart stores. They have no sense of decency, fashion, or shamefullness, let alone any sense of modesty.
Todd- "George, do you see that fat lady with her pants pulled up over her boobs and no shirt on?! She's using her pants as a freaking unitard!!!!"

George- "By God, Todd! That's a true Walmartian."
by renegadeangel92 February 20, 2011
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people prone to purchasing poor quality, useless goods because they are cheap. Can also describe slow moving, dull cashiers and customer service representatives that know nothing of customer service
-people don't buy quality stuff anymore, we've turned into a society of Walmartians!

-she grew impatient as the walmartian slowly and casually scanned the items while talking to the next cashier about cheerleading practise....with 10 people in line.
by marcianna October 24, 2006
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An empty carapice of a person who has been abducted by aliens and has been brainwashed with extremely conservative, Republican, and evangelical ideals. The walmartian is actually part of a massive conspiracy to overthrow the American government by voting for horrid right wing politicians and destroying local economies. Walmartians are forced to spend the majority of their lives in Walmarts so that they can be brainwashed with the newest alien plans. They are most often spotted at 2-5 AM in very large groups talking loudly with hick dialects and beating their wives/children/husbands while trying to find the gunrack aisle. They lack any intelligence and cannot be reasoned with. If you come into contact with one, avoid eye contact and try to remain absolutely still. The walmartian cannot see movement due to the bright lights in their hives.
1. James: I heard the walmartians are going to nominate Judge Roy Moore for president.
Robert: Shit, we're all screwed.

2. Alexa: Last time I went to Walmart, I got stuck in line between two packs of walmartians.
by Beebe May 14, 2006
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A person of 'Trailer Park' (U.S) or a 'Council House' (U.K)
usually inbred,like people who come from towns like
'Fleetwood', Or 'Burnley' in 'Lancashire',U.K,
these 'people' tend to have

mom and dad = gramps and sis heritage.
Walmartian Can be found around the' Freeport' vacinity in 'Fleetwood' Lancs U.K.

smelly,shout-not talk
eg. white,fat-unemployed,can afford cigarettes,not food for the kids
stupid,foul mouthed,ignorant,smell of fish-cheese-farts and piss,

unsuccessfull at prostitution,however
stupendously successfull at catching/spreading Venerial
by Drifter1470 February 4, 2012
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