A term describing a women's pussy. Used almost exclusively in the bragging form.
Damn kid, I got so much wallaby last night, it was rediculous.
by Natendo Wii May 17, 2007
A face one makes where their chin becomes doubled, tripled, and sometimes quadrupled while flapping your hands around and making strange noises. Often used in photographs.
For this next photograph, Sarah, do the wallaby it'll make everyone laugh at you.
by Carlsss October 27, 2011
What comes out of Jean-Claude Van Damme's mouth when he tries to say "wannabe"
"I'm going to get in my boat, and I'm going upreever, and I'm going to kick that son of a bitch Bison's ass so HOARD - - that the next Bison wallaby is gonna fillit"
by Legendary Pusshole October 10, 2009
Euphemism for "Whiny Little Bitch." Obtained from the accronym WLB.
by Lassen September 4, 2011
A cute lizard with a chonk tail and so very handsome he charm all the ladies.
Sai: I have a cute little wallaby

Rio: aww man I’m jelly, I wish I had a wallaby
by ✧ Garlic bread gay ✧ March 31, 2022
a blunt wrap coated with a layer of honey oil before rolling up with bud
lets roll a wallaby, blunts ain't cuttin it
by Barraldo March 31, 2011
a blunt wrap covered with honey oil(hash) before rolling up with bud
by Barraldo April 6, 2011