One whom is cute & super silly.
She just keeps crackin such awesome jokes. She's one silly wallabi! Lol
by katlady February 26, 2014
Wallaby is a nickname or name for someone who is considered petite, or small, and very affectionate. Some use the term wallaby to define small animals such as rodents,birds, and reptiles, but it is most commonly used for leopard geckos, bearded dragons, and rhinoceros iguanas.
My pet leopard gecko is such a Wallaby!

My bird is the worst Wallaby, he bites my fingers in affection!
by Dr. Wallaby Jackson March 31, 2022
Wallaby is a handsome little baby man. He is fat and cute and loves grubs. If you meet him you will never let him go.
by fruity-gay April 19, 2022
Beastiality, but it's specific towards Wallabies.
Me "Dude I just fucked a Wallaby."

Some guy "Dude, you just committed Wallabiality"
by NukeSuccu November 22, 2020
n. Australian skateboarder term for a loser, usually from Perth.

Cricket mate! I don’t mean to belittle your new Nike strides but those pommey abominations make you look like a wallaby’s uncle.

No offence taken Bruce. Me gran in Perth sent them out via bush plane for Anzac Day.
by gnostic3 April 26, 2019
a hot, tanned boy that finds kicking, shooting and killing wallabies very appropriate. He is often mistaken for a member from a tribe, and definitely should not be trusted with a spear.
OMG. did you just see that!

see what?

Ben just kicked a wallaby!

ohh... what a wallaby kicker.
by emily. jess. March 27, 2010