1. a huge bitch
2. when you stick in her behind, and you slap her with a fish on the back of her head, and she's all like "what the fuck?!!?" and you slap her again.
1. damn, that bison stole my boyfriend AGAIN!
2. That chick had no idea what was going on last night when i bisoned her.
by shulze 701 December 12, 2004
To be very large in size
My cock is Bison
by Mojo April 7, 2004
An older man around age 40-55 who preys on younger women in bars. They generally prefer young twenty-somethings. If at all possible, they will look for girls with the name Lindsay.
Did you see those bison over there checking us out?

by KristynD February 14, 2008
M. Bison
The boss on Street Fighter II. He had cheap ass moves, and was a broken character!
Man, I just used 30 Quarters trying to beat Bison!!
by hwoarang May 22, 2004
An adjective describing anything enormously positive and/or unusually good. An empowering word that can be used to describe almost anything good that you experience.

You see a really great movie:
"Wow, that movie was soooo BISON!"

Someone is looking fierce, in a great outfit, lookin good, etc:
"Man, you are lookin pretty Bison today!"

You're feeling great, in a good mood, top of the world, etc:
"How are you"
"I'm feelin fuckin Bison today!"
by Kari206 February 5, 2008
1) The powerful yet majestic bison lives in space. It's only rival is the moose.

2) This ancient deity was worshipped by the Inrithians, hoping that this would give them good haircuts.

3) Flying epic thing. See Sky Bison
1) HOLY CRAP ITS A BISON! *head asplosion*


3) Thats Appa, my flying Bison
a hideous guy resembling a bison in size (and possibly in hairyness)
girl 1: dude, you should hook up with my friend
girl 2: alright, let me see a picture...(sees facebook pic)
girl 1: he's cute right?
girl 2: DUDEEEEE, HE'S A BISON!!!!!!
girl 1: he's not THAT bad... bison's a lil harsh dude
girl 2: BISON. period.

girl 1: look at that guy over there...
girl 2: HE'S HIDEOUS
girl 1: A BISON!!!
by dan bonding August 14, 2006