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A cute lizard with a chonk tail and so very handsome he charm all the ladies.
Sai: I have a cute little wallaby

Rio: aww man I’m jelly, I wish I had a wallaby
by ✧ Garlic bread gay ✧ March 31, 2022
Funny little creatures who live their lives biting fingers, eating seeds and other random foods, sleeping, drinking and screaming.
Joana: I just got a birb name peekoo

Sunny: oh cool
by ✧ Garlic bread gay ✧ March 25, 2022
An all powerful being to is moth and rules the asexuals and the trans community. He’s ALWAYS there when a bad thing happens
Jake from state farms: “when that bridge collapsed I saw moth man, he SAVED ME!”
Becky Beth: “oh wow, isn’t he the ruler of all asexuals and the trans community?”
Jake from state farms: “yeah, they even made a statue for him”
by ✧ Garlic bread gay ✧ February 16, 2022
Scoop is the action to do an aggressive dance signaling victory.
Teruhashi: hey everyone! Guess what the worlds most perfect pretty girl has for you. The principle said “and in addition class three wins the insert random competition.” Cool right

Hairo: Wait really? YESSS *proceeds to skoop*

Rest of class three’s boys (except for Saiki): teruhashi, that’s great our goddess of oh wows!
by ✧ Garlic bread gay ✧ March 25, 2022
Rio is hot, gay, and definitely under the trans unbrella. They think they are akward but their forced confidence makes everyone think they are good with people. They are also extremely loyal and will punch someone for you.
Phoebe: bro my friend is Rio

Coda: I know me to

Annoying person: I’m homophobic and Rio bitch slapped me
by ✧ Garlic bread gay ✧ March 31, 2022