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Phrase typically used by conspiracy theorists to imply you're ignorant.
"Man you know who brought down the Trade Centers. WAKE UP."

"Wake up. The Rothschilds control the world's banking supply. oh, and reptilians."
by Svenbot October 18, 2011
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translates to "are you there", "hello?"
(22:50:24) Alan Huang: wake up
(22:50:35) Michelle Wu: wut
(22:50:36) Michelle Wu: im not sleeping
(22:50:37) Michelle Wu: lol
(22:51:31) Alan Huang: i know
(22:51:33) Alan Huang: its a figur eof speech
by twobrain March 14, 2005
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Poorly applied or unnatural looking make-up on an elderly womans face that resembles make-up seen on a dead person at their wake.
Did you see that nice wake-up application on that old lady?
by kit13 May 18, 2008
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A phrase used when someone is slacking off or not ready to do something (not alert).
That boy with the blue vest needs to wake up.
by tucci702 December 21, 2017
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The act of waking someone up by first jumping on them then dry humping them the rolling them over twice and their grabbing their feet and dropping them on their head and the repeating ocssionaly hitting / grabing the persons genitals or ass
The you boy would not get up so The other boy had to Wake up him.
by Mercury199 October 24, 2010
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