3 definitions by KinleyTyne

The state of a junkie who’s beginning. To experience withdrawal symptoms, usually associated with heroin, while an associate attempts to secure another fix for the afflicted individual.
My old lady’s on the floor, man. I am NOT S-ing around.
by KinleyTyne December 8, 2021
An individual belonging to an old money family who chooses to spend their time idly a
while accomplishing very little. These people may or may not live comfortably, with or without support from their family, while they ‘wait’ for their older, wealthier relatives to die.
Has Carter done anything since graduation?

Not really, he tells his family that he’s a playwright, but he’s a waiter — his grandmother is 96
by KinleyTyne February 9, 2021
A two-player variation of basketball where one player makes a showboating/trick shot, eg. dribble four times, followed by a 360 degree spin and then performing a layup. If successful, the other player must attempt to replicate the same maneuver. If the second player misses the basket, they are awarded the letter “H”.

If successful, the second player chooses the next shot.

This continues until one player accumulates all the letters of the word HORSE, and that player loses.
I played horse with Blake Griffin. How do you think I did?
by KinleyTyne December 8, 2021