Wadus is a colloquial and generic term used to substitute something or someone that is unknown or has no relevance on a given conversation context (as in "whatever"). When repeated twice (wadus wadus) usually refers to empty words or nonsense, as in "yada, yada".
He had dinner at that Wadus Restaurant he likes
She kept saying how much she loved her wadus, wadus...
by Cosmonauta September 8, 2008
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"Wadu Hek" are the only two words in the Wadustani language, a language invented by Twitch Streamer and stream sniper, Wadu.
Wadu wadu wadu hek.
by trumpi March 10, 2018
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Wadu hek is a predominant code used to say “send booty pics” or to send nudes in general. it is also general used by the famous Wadu in PUBG who is one of Twitch’s Shroud’s most dedicated stream snipers.
Waaaadu hek
wadu hek
wadu hek ?
by Wadu October 9, 2017
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wadu hek is a stupid way of saying "What the heck", famous from a semi-big streamer Scoutiver
wadu hek did you just do?
by OfficialJamsteri December 6, 2017
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The Incredible Green Hoda from SG. His favorite words are knn and cibai. He gets triggered about furries, Hiryuu, and Jungay everytime it gets mentioned
Do you know what wadu did last night?
Idk probably read furry porn
by DomoRiga May 22, 2021
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The best stream sniper on the whole planet earth you can ever find. It appears that wadu has a rare disease that limits his vocabulary to only two words "wadu" and "hek".
Wadu became known when former pro counter strike "shroud" stepped down from the cs scene and started playing "PUGB" and became a full-time streamer on twitch.tv . Shroud meets Wadu ever so often and the moments are hilarious, because Wadu is always creative on surprising Shroud. Lately Wadu have become popular in the PUBG scene and he absolutely deserves it.
When shroud is having a good pubg game, there are two guys left wadu appears out of nowhere and starts screaming "WADU HEK!".
by JenasQQ October 22, 2017
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