assholes that always wear soccer skins and can no scope you with a hunting rifle right off the bat.
The sweatiest players to ever play fortnite and build battle all the time.
Twitch TV by the way!!!!
hes a Twitch Streamer
by Succ_2o87_Times March 22, 2019
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Someone who likes video games and and their community. Often seen donating to charitys and doing the good for others. Usally works harder and makes more money in a month than the average person who hates on gamers in a year.
by Pickle_Rick__ September 02, 2018
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A person that streams on the platform Twitch. This person has a twitch account and streams games or anything else they have an interest in.
My cousin is a twitch streamer.
by ZuroGFX August 12, 2019
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a sweaty try hard that will shot you if he or she sees you
twitch streamers has shotguned bot123
by yolo14kid May 23, 2019
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A person who is in possession of breasts (generally large) which are exploited for the gain of followers, subs or donations of bits and direct currency within the Twitch Platform. Booby Streamers can also come in assorted variations upon differing platforms dedicated to videos and streaming. Booby Streamers are generally not appreciated or respected on said platforms such as Twitch.
"Wow, is that a Twitch Booby Streamer? What a thot, am I right lads?"
by Paul Ninja August 16, 2018
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