1. A form of walking, popular among ducks attempting to buy grapes from lemonade stands.

2. Walking like a duck, with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion.
1. Then he waddled away, waddle waddle...

2. Timmy walked with a waddle.
by Ryuuma November 15, 2012
(1)An action of walk bow-legged.
(2)Jacking off.
(1)James likes waddling like a penguin.
(2)Tim waddled off to porn.
by General_truffles March 10, 2003
Noun. Refers to a collection of three or more overweight lesbians grouped together, at least one of which must be a bull.
I would have been here sooner but the entire sidewalk was blocked by a six lesbian Waddle !
by Rantguy April 14, 2011
to really ass-beat someone, like a huge spanking that really seems non-ending.
by Devon Mintuck September 7, 2006
The act of waddling like a duck while trolling for grapes simultaneously.
Tony 'WADDLE WADDLE's long time on his epic troll journey for grapes.
by Duck Club October 19, 2012
The last message on the popular Disney MMO Club Penguin
Waddle on club penguin
by SirKaotik June 16, 2020
a small pocket of fat under your chin, almost always a result of baby fat.
She had the cutest little waddle.
by lanski June 17, 2004