1. n - The part of skin that is sometimes flabby underneath one's chin.

2. v - To tap someone's waddle with your hand, flat and outstretched, in an upward motion. Like tapping someone on their shoulder but in the opposite direction.
Waddling can be the most annoying thing if employed correctly. Getting a revenge waddle is required. Lightly tapped waddles can be more annoying than jaw-breaking ones.

Defending against a waddle can be employed by pressing chin up against your chest... which tires out the lower facial muscles. Or one can make their hand flat and touch the fingers of their hand to their waddle (noun). It's like defending the eyepoke from the 3 Stooges except you put your hand under your chin.

Warning - Waddling (verb) is contagious.
by cracker please April 05, 2005
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A round girl. Often masturbates with a vibrating razor. Sucks guys off frequently, but does not let them cum.

Has sex with a manager and co-worker at the same time. Sells drugs, most commonly prescription.

Has trouble adjusting to college 15 minutes down the road.
"Wow look at Waddles. She sure has grown exponentially."

Girl: Hey! Wanna buy some adohral?
Boy: No Waddles. Go away.

Fucking waddles. What a cunt. Huge.
by People Who Hate Waddles December 16, 2010
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1. Any person or persons who take it up the butt every night. (Usually they waddle when they walk)
"I heard Zach likes to take it up the butt.
Hahaha waddles"
by Annonymous123241234 May 07, 2011
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A charming gait usually seen in children or young animals. Use of the waddle grants these youngsters powers of persuasion and influence rarely seen in others. Without exception these powers are used to raise smiles and scatter happiness.
Her paws demonstrated a perfect waddle. Enough to make that family offer her a forever home.
by mand.mlc December 31, 2016
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When the girl walks in front of the guy and he has his hands around her waist and they walk as one. Usually the cholo looking girls and guys do it, or other ghetto people.
Johnny and Maria were doing the waddle in Monctlair Plaza.
by Ev Guido May 31, 2008
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A term to describe a penguin like creature that exhibits intelligent behavior. Often a derogatory term used when a docile person is able to produce a thought that is actually intelligent.
Oscar is such a double genius waddle waddle, he finally came up with a smart idea.
by suprememe egg February 13, 2018
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