A rabbit that wants to have some Tricks (correctly pronounced twicks) but doesn't know they're for kids.
Rabbit - I have Twicks?

Selfish little fucking child who was molested earlier - Siwwy Wabbit Twicks are fur kids. Like me. Now I must let my uncle touch my winky and watch him beat my mum with his.
by Angry Twicks-Deprived Rabbit August 25, 2009
in the act of having intercourse from behind you whisper be vewy vewy quiet in ur best elmer fudd voice as you forcefully plant a carrott into your partners ass thick end first!
Nick hit the wasscully wabbit in a dream on shandy.
by Mister Wonderful July 28, 2009
a bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny rabbit rabbit bunny rabbit rabbit rabbit
I just saw a bunny bunny wabbit wabbit bunny rabbit wabbit.
by Sanj July 25, 2003
when a females booty shake involuntary while she walks.
Darlene got wabbit-season when she walks.

The girl in 50 cents Wanksta video had wabbit season when she walked through the door .
by Khristian Afermi September 6, 2020
a word of saying rabbits dogs kill wabbits
my dachshund kills wabbits
by ahhhhhhywhqdvxiue April 21, 2022