a dance in the club, shakeing her but.
hay man, look at that girl doin the wabbit! ya shes got back man.ass
by 8legspyder December 17, 2009
the explainable joy of bringing your upper lip high enough to show your front teeth and thus looking like a wabbit.
She enjoys wabbiting way too much lately
by Shillysheep October 14, 2015
Is a hot goth type girl that has a appetite for ball banging sex all of the time
That girl that works in the hardware store is such a widdle wabbit I just want to eat her out
by Bobby boo_shea August 25, 2021
Someone who is loving, adorable, cute, soft, and warm. Usually a girl who is tender and caring.

Also something a guy can say affectionately to someone he loves.
"She is such a Bunni Wabbit, I sure wish I could hug her right now!"
by SkyAsunder July 17, 2009
A person who created a few things on urban and currently being posted on urban by my classmates
why are you doing this to me

-wabbit boy
by wabbit boy April 8, 2019
A sex move involving a carrot shoved into a person's rectum while their sexual partner slowly eats the entire carrot without it being removed from said rectum.
My Wife gave me a Waskily Wabbit last night, turns out she's allergic to Carrots.
by Twicehax October 11, 2019
Kiddie's affectionate name for the long-ears fluffy tail bouncy hopping rodent, with required "cute" factor. Used freely by Disney cartoon character Elmer Fudd about Bugs Bunny. The cartoon cute pet name genre very like Tweetey-Pie (bird) and Sylvester (Cat).
"I is a gonna blast dat bunny wabbit right outta dat hole" (Fudd - waving shotgun)

"Eh? I tawt I taw a puddy tat" (Tweety-Pie on birdcage swing)

New York accents optional.
by Huey1 May 14, 2005