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Whistling Shit Can of Death -- The Embraer Regional Jet and its derivates, such as the Legacy corporate jet. So-named because of the god-awful wind noise heard in the cockpit and the cabin throughout flight.
Awww, man, I had to ride on a WSCOD out of LaGuardia last night!
by Beavis E. Butthead November 12, 2006
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Shorthand for, “What some cherish others despise.” Used on message boards the same way as YMMV or FWIW.

This is also the original meaning of WSCOD, later taken and revised into a non-factual and unfair perjoative directed at the Embraer 145 series of jet airplanes which happens to have the best safety record in aviation history, and in the Legacy 600 and 650 versions, is quieter than most of its competitors.
“This airplane sucks!”

“WSCOD, man. I happen to like it just fine.”


“I can’t believe anyone likes that jerk. He’s such an ass.”

“WSCOD. His girlfriend sure likes him.”
by Skull-1 May 01, 2019
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NAVY slang: Whistiling Shit Can of Death.

CH-46 Sea Knight, described as such because of the whistling sound the engines make, and because the CH-46 has been prone to failures, and has killed its share of air crews.
The WSCOD suffered a trasmission failure 20 miles out from MCAS New River.
by September 13, 2020
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Mistakenly referred to as the Falcon 7x or EMB 145, is actually the Falcon 900.
There's another WSCOD. No bob, that is a 7x. The Falcon 900 over there is a WSCOD.
by falcon driver December 22, 2020
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