The infamous nick name of a very large nose, a term made popular by the nose of a very famous Spanish teacher who shall not be named. It may also be used to refer to anyone who has a very large nose in size, and when said person turns to the side, it is the largest feature of their face, resembling the beak of a falcon.
Person A- Check out "The Falcon" on that guy

Person B- Word, i wonder if he flies
Person A- How can a nose be that big?
Person B- Think he might be a pedophile
by Pedo-Phile-Fan-bear June 16, 2011
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After having coitus with a woman, you stand up for a moment and after looking around, jump into the air and bring your fist down right into the upper area of her vagina, around her clitoris. The noise she will make will resemble the screech of a falcon.

And remember, the falcon is not complete without yelling, "FALCON PUNCH!" Just like the Captain himself.
Dude! I think Mike's girlfriend got the Falcon! I could hear her screech two blocks away!
by Dr. Winston O' Boogie February 8, 2008
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A man who has "The Falcon" hair cut. He enjoys giving his hair a quick blow job with the hair dryer. He enjoys english and long walks on the beach. He runs from apes. Nicknames include TD, AC, DF.
Look at The Falcon. He is a true AC
by AC February 2, 2005
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The act of accidently and completely throwing someone close to you under the bus, at the precise moment that everyone is focused on you
Dad. Falcon, did you hear me calling for you?
Falcon. Yes, but you said we were doing it for the show!
by Rosslyn Maleman October 17, 2009
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When you see a good looking lass in public, ‘Falcon’ is used as a codeword between you and your mates to show that you find them attractive or sexy.
by KB007 December 28, 2019
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When a sports team starts off with a lead and blows it at the end
Your team sucks. They are always falconing.
by Jaynotpopular December 14, 2020
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A Stunning site, a very rare occasion that people are in the presence of a Falcone.
Holy Fuck!, your a Falcone!
by Trevinnnnnboyyyy December 10, 2007
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