(n) Acronym for "watersports" or sexual contact involving pee or urine
Whoa that kinky bitch is into scat, ws, you name it!
by Hugh Jass July 11, 2003
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He is into WS
by Dudewithdog February 26, 2021
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WS in text messages can means:

We should

Would smash

Water sports
ws hangout this weekend”
“I totally ws Travis Scott
“I heard he plays ws”
by Not_a_nerd_ February 21, 2021
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WS male threatens to kill BW(black woman) in court.
WS Female calls cops on BM(black man) for moving into his apartment.
by Anon163836281629273 July 9, 2020
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Literraly war spirit ( usually written like this : WaR SpiriT),
represents the determination players can have on a game.
No one is zoning here, wtf, the WS are backs :X ?
by ArThoX September 29, 2007
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Did you see that fight? it was a total WS!

Is it still a WS between you and your ex?
by CamillaS July 27, 2007
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