Used as a short way of saying WTF which stand for the 'w' words + the fuck: who, when, why and where. Used mostly when something is a big WTF since it has a broader spectrum of definition.

W's also applies to other variations of WTF like WTBF, WTCF, etc.
Guy #1: Dude! W's with this stupid crowd
Guy #2: I know man, they suck balls!
by 2gr8 to be true January 22, 2008
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Literraly war spirit ( usually written like this : WaR SpiriT),
represents the determination players can have on a game.
No one is zoning here, wtf, the WS are backs :X ?
by ArThoX September 29, 2007
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Did you see that fight? it was a total WS!

Is it still a WS between you and your ex?
by CamillaS July 26, 2007
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Stands for "Worth shit", implies a positive rating. Used on YTMND to rate pages.
That site's so WS, you gotta check it out, dawg!
by scytheblade69 December 08, 2007
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