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Counter Strike: Source
Counter Strike (cs)on the Source engine.
geek: omgwtflololol, i owned j00 on css
lesserGeek: yea.
by [Cyanide] November 19, 2004

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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

The World's #1 Action Game Introduces a New Brand of Single-Player Gaming!
1: wanna play CZ?
2: w00t, ok, f00l
by [Cyanide] March 31, 2004

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battlefield vietnam
Wannabe: i want to hover above the dense vegetation of a foreign land, shooting people from the side of my helicopter.
can you help me oh wise guru?
Cyanide: get bfv.
by [Cyanide] March 29, 2004

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Apparently it's when parts of geometry appear to be clipping through other parts.

Mostly on games.
Timmy: Hey look, that door just went through that chair when i opened it!
Tod: Ahh, thats just good old Interpenetration son, get used to it.
by [Cyanide] September 12, 2004

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a kick ass guitar solo.
wowowow, delele delele delele delele, weeeeeeee, jigga jeeeeewoooweee...
end of solo
by [Cyanide] November 19, 2004

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a kick ass thriller for 'as media' which will hopefully get a grade A but will probably get a B.
Was called 'Case #35a' but we couldn't find the hash key on the apple mac.
Generic_fan_101: wow, your thriller is amazing, it must have took you ages.
Cyanide: yes, yes it did
by [Cyanide] March 29, 2004

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Ace Thriller which got the joint highest mark Halesowen College has ever got.
woot, case 35a rocks
by [Cyanide] December 11, 2004

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