When your listening to Nardo Wick and being a menace to society, more commonly known as Demon Time
Bro yesterday was turnt, I was being so Wicked.
by wick man January 17, 2022
a term every new Englander has in their vocabulary
you got a wicked new cah (car)
by Jp0814 March 18, 2022
Paramedic 1: We had a guy die from a stab wound to the heart tonight!
Paramedic 2: Damn, he got John Wicked!
by HRTMNDR January 10, 2022
Short for "beating someone ruthlessly for animal cruelty"
G: Hey Bob, you know what happedned to Jacksons roommate? He looks like he got hit by a car

Bob: Yeah, he came last night drunk to thier appartment and kicked Jacksons 6 months old kitty so he John Wicked his ass
G: Well deserved
by Krusanter May 6, 2022
When your friend sends a video of him jumping on a camera with no clothes on, exposing his bare ass and shaft of his cock
God Dammit! My friend John Wicked me on my snapchat last night!”
by toribiorillo February 11, 2023