The act of dropping a duece on ones chest. You must first have a high fiber meal before dropping el dueceo because the duece must eject from the body in a liquid state. You must also be sure that in that fiber filled meal there is food that will create a horrendous aroma that would resemble a wicked steam burn such as broccoli, beans, and copious amounts of duece enducing edibles.
Shawnda gave Kati a good ole Wicked Steamburn.
by wolfpack_ June 25, 2014
Retired Air Force woman from Homestead FL. Social Worker for DCF state of Florida, abuser, scammer, con artist, unhealthy, lazy, judgemental, mentally unstable eater of pork, single, immoral, complacent, aggravating, know it all, kneedy, evil, aggressive, molester, child abuser, violent, irritating, annoying, liar, nosey, and hostile. Unclean liver of life and corruption of good honorable moralistic behavior. Lies to the courts in order to obtain her benefits as from the Military but is no longer even involved. Terrible child care giver and care giver in general.
Black witch with wicks Jackie is crazy, she has always been a black witch pretending to be a nice Christian. She is nothing but a black salem witch SELL OUT. Her poor family thought so highly of her to just be a mean black witch using social securities to live a life of just for her.
by Nowherenearyouinthislifeoneart February 10, 2023
Name for a weeb/hentai Lover. With and addiction to hanime
Your such a Charlie wick
by Hdhsbrbejjwksndndkakskkd June 10, 2022
When you have spend so much time with someone and developed strong physical
and emotional feelings for them.
You flirted and lead him to water, but he still doesn’t get the message.
by Billy-Soo September 19, 2019
The Opposite of "Wicked Gnar" (Shorthand for wicked gnarly).

While "Wicked Gnar" expresses how cool and epic something is, "Wicked Gnar'nt" expresses how un-cool or disappointing something is. Best used with a slight Surfer Bro accent to emphasize the comedic value of the word. Similar in use to how the phrase "That wasn't very cash money" is applied. (Written "Gnar'nt" for ease of recognizing the root word Gnarly. If spelled "Gnarn't" it looks like another word entirely instead of an adjustment of Gnar."
*Crashes bike* Friend: "Are you okay!?" You: "That was wicked Gnar'nt bro."

*Going into a video game boss fight and realizing you're gonna get wrecked two moves in* "This is gonna be wicked gnar'nt"
by WallWhisperer March 18, 2023
When you live in Massachusetts and someone does something that is not cool and perhaps even rude
Jimmy skipped the entire lunch line and took all the crispy chicken sandwiches
"Wow, that's wicked dick", Alan stated.
by Respect_it March 25, 2017