The only place that consistently puts out the baddest custom paint you've ever seen! Highly skilled in every aspect he can lay down the deepest Kandy colors with amazing artwork and a mirror finish.
Take your shit to Wicked Paint if you want it to look crazy af..
by Kdogg7769 December 20, 2016
Why would I get a boner you know what I'm just a word for the Urban Dictionary
Horn and your dick is just wiggling around you your wick Diggler and you're just like all f****** man
by NIGGRFAGGT April 18, 2017
A female who laughs like a hoe. Usually they have basic names like Taylor and Emily.
person one: have you heard her laugh?

person two: she’s got a wicked laugh!
by reality’sCheck November 13, 2021
Butty with attitude - in Jamaica, a female "Tourist Official" asked, if I knew what "a wicked bumper" is: As I toll her I did not know, she explained that Jamaicans usually call a "butty with posture" , resp. "Butty with attitude" a
"Wicked bumper" - interesting: I did not know her expression, so far, nor did she know mine, and so we both agreed to use the other ones in the future...!
by barondebonne August 20, 2021
Izzy is Annoying rude angry disgusting a disappointment and can sometimes only sometimes can be fit but she also likes to be a chav
Izzy wicks is a fit chav
by Irksnedbrndndnwk February 13, 2022
A slang term used to define the act of inserting one's penis into another person's ear and proceeding to ejaculate therein.
Ted and Bob were goofing around. Ted gave Bob a Wet Willy (An act where one licks his or her finger and proceeds to stick the wet finger into another person's ear.) Not wanting to be outdone by his comrade, Bob gave Ted a Wet Willy. As you might imagine, Ted did not appreciate the Wicked Willy and resolved not to goof around with Bob anymore.
by mrmoshebee October 6, 2013
A Wicked Boner is part of a NFT collection available at opensea
by Igor1021 September 12, 2021