"D bwoy a wicked inuh pinkey." Said Aliyah
by A d truth March 4, 2021
New England slang can be used to show excitement, agresssion,weather, etc.

1. He's going wicked slow!

2. That's wicked cool!
3. It's wicked cold out.
4.shes wicked nice.
by HELL0! July 27, 2017
When you are very Radical!
Timmy: Dude you are so wicked!
Stephano: I know😎
by Timmythecoolkid May 18, 2022
From the book: Maze Runner by James Dashner
WICKED: World in Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department
Organization that is trying to save the world by developing a cure for the Flare, which is a sickness that was the aftermath for when sun flares hit the earth. They are doing this by throwing Variables (challenges) at the characters then to test their killzone (The killzone is the brain) and see if they are eligible to be the final candidate to make the blueprint for the cure to the Flare. The first Phase to WICKED's plans is putting the characters in the Glade which is a square of area surrounded by walls which block off the Maze. The Maze has walls that change throughout the night, creating patterns for each month or so, this maze also has creatures called Grievers, and they have spikes on their backs and when someone gets stung they go through the Changing (a period where you get the grief serum injected which is a type of cure and you get some memories back) (memories are removed with a device called the Swipe). After escaping the maze you get to the scorch, where you meet people who are past the Gone, aka gone insane because of the Flare. the Scorch is an incredibly hot area, and you have to walk 100 miles north from a Flat Trans (a devive for transportation) within 2 weeks to get to a safe haven, where you fly into the real world where you will be cured from the Flare, but they have to make the cure with a blueprint, so they have to sacrifice someone for the cure.
Guy #1: If we're overpopulated why cant we just kill eachother and then get free food?
Guy #2: I think you're so insane that you work for WICKED
by JustCallMeLukas February 10, 2019
When your listening to Nardo Wick and being a menace to society, more commonly known as Demon Time
Bro yesterday was turnt, I was being so Wicked.
by wick man January 17, 2022