WEBTOON is a place where beautiful people stand together to make comics that literally crush your heart into bits and pieces because of all the emotional shit that happens...but then it gets better because it updates. When you done reading a short 30 sec read you cry because you have to wait for the new update and then all you can do is cry...cry...eat...cry...cry and then *ping* “NEW UPDATE!!?!??? WOOOOTTTT” *runs to phone so fast you break your legs but that dosent stop you from reading the comic.........NoThInG DoSe. You read it and realize it’s a sad comic and that all you can do is feel pity for the characters even if there not real ;-; .... tbh WEBTOON is soooooooo good at distracting you that even when your done reading everything you don’t do anything, you just sit there and think how great it was. Your like “wow...don’t even wanna do the homework that’s due tomorrow...” *tomorrow* “wow that webtoon is great” *sees homework* “shit! Whatever I got webtoon to make me happy ;-;”
Me: Sirens lament is so great my favorite webtoon tbh I can’t even

Friend: no the dummy’s dummy is the best webtoon!

Me: wait who do I love ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;
by Enl0211 March 19, 2018
An official website, essentially free therapy, but also causes stress due to wanting the next chapter of WEBTOONS. Many are addicted.
Guy one: Ugh I can’t stop spending coins in WEBTOON
Guy two: Damn…I’m almost out of money
Guy three: I’m already broke
Guy four: you guys have COINS?
by Youraverageidiot November 14, 2022
A digital comic format that originates from Korea. Main differences between webtoons and regular comics are that they are published on long, vertical strips rather than pages to make reading easier on phones and computers, often in color since they are rarely printed, and sometimes has animations or music that plays during a chapter. In Korea, there are different rules on what content is permitted. Some adult content is permitted on webtoons and not print manhwa.
I like webtoons better than manhwa and manga because they're in color and not black and white.
by danman2293 November 10, 2018
An internet cartoon, typically made independently or in small teams. While most webtoons gain cult followings, some have found mainstream success, such as Homestar Runner, Eddsworld, and Eric Webtoon.
man i fucking love webtoons
by emojigamer2008 September 12, 2019
An amazing website/app. Go download it.
Human: have u heard of Webtoon?
Other human:Omg Webtoon’s so good!
by t a n g e r i n e February 17, 2020
A site/app that offers online comics like, UnOrdinary, Sunny side skies, and much much more (romance, fantasy, horror, slice of life)! It has a diverse range of users and authors. It is (from experience) better than Lehiz comics. It even allows you to publish your own comics! If haven't downloaded download! You can
Person 1: What app do you use?
Person 2: For what? Comics?
Person 1: Yeah!
Person 2: Webtoon, I don't recommend using Lehiz though.
Person 1: ...
Person 2: Do you?
Person 1: Gotta go
(Not trying to throw any shade, sorry if offended)
by LizardWizard801 March 3, 2020