describing an object, person, smell, or event, that causes one to have the desire to vomit.
that smell is awful, it is so vomitous.
by Sarah. December 14, 2004
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(1) A state of being near or in the act of vomiting.

(2) A more descriptive and severe form of the term nauseous.

(3) A state of being nauseous with the explicit need to vomit as well.

WORD ORIGIN: First introduced into the English language in 2003 by hockey player Matt Owen.
Upon viewing his grandmother's cold, bloated, dead remains, Weston became vomitous.
by Matt Owen July 19, 2003
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Nothing to do with some hockey player called Matt Owen making a statement in 2003, the word vomitous (with the same intended meaning) has been in common usage in Canberra Australia since early 1997 and possibly before. Sorry about that.
Her dress is vomitous.
by oh_gabe December 28, 2005
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