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an enormously gay man who likes to jizz in his partner's ass and slurp out the man-juice with a straw
" ken is such a welcher"
by grey September 19, 2004
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throw up
toss your cookies
lose your lunch
toss a sidewalk pizza
tango with the toilet
make modern art in the toilet
have a technicolor yawn
expunge the contents of your stomach
bare your guts to the world
become a multicolored organic fountain
revisit your breakfast
vomit your victuals
drive the porcelain bus
perform peristaltic pyrotechnics
paint the town red.. and green and orange and pink
have to say "that tasted better going down than coming up"
burp to the ninth power
make the janitor get out the ol’ sawdust bucket
find out just how acidic your stomach contents are
greet your guts
pray to the porcelain god
I ate some old ass bread, now I might vomit!
by grey July 18, 2004
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The alternate (and commonly considered wrong) version of Roffles. Less funny though.
I'mma reply to this topic with a crapload of roffels!
by grey December 20, 2004
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Employee: "We love to see you smile!" (in head: Actually, I don't give a McFuck. I hope you die.)
by grey July 19, 2004
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A non-playable race in the Blizzard game Starcraft. Heard of only in the storyline, though never portrayed, they are supposedly the creators of the Protoss and the Zerg. The Xel'Naga creatures roamed the universe in travelling "worldships", and breathed life into several species, in an attempt to create the perfect lifeform.

The Protoss presented the purity of Form.
The Zerg presented the purity of Essence.

Though the Xel'Naga are now extinct, if the Protoss and Zerg would ever merge into one species, they would represent the Purity of Being.
Whispers of the Last of the Xel'Naga remain.
by grey December 20, 2004
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To use Urban Dictionary as a personal message board.
The use of Urban Dictionary as a personal message board.
Other forms:
UD Raper/ Rapist: see Psycho Bitch, Gumba Gumba, Kung-Fu Jesus, Light Joker
UD Rape is one of the most common things on UD, second only to sexual inuendo.
UD Rapers should be banned, somehow.
by grey July 20, 2004
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A generic, and sometimes humorous, reply to someone who took way too much time describing something, while the description would've been sufficiently clear and complete with less words. The term is both used by impatient kids when they can't concentrate long enough to read more then two sentences, and the more intelligent generation-X poster when the "long post" in question could've been described just as well, but much shorter, this comment can be taken either way.

Also a reply to long, attention-whorey spam topics.
Politically Involved Chap: (long rant about the state of affairs in the presidential houses of middle-west Europe)

SpamClown69: (Long rant about rubber duckies and why he loves to rub his genitals with them)
MatureFolk: Too long, didn't read. Idiot.
by grey December 20, 2004
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