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Voluntarily celibate for reasons of asexuality, prevention of unplanned pregnancy, STDs, or aversion to social relationships or unforeseen legal complications/consequences and financial discipline.
Hambeast1: Do you think Jake would go out with me?

Hambeast2: No he doesn't go out with anyone because he's vocel.
by GreatWhiteQuiet January 03, 2014
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Voluntarily celibate . Voluntarily deciding to follow the rules of celibacy. See also Abstinence, lack if involvement in physical intimacy with or without being in a relationship with them.
When I was younger there was a discussion on abstinence and keeping your virginity till I get married, I did and after I tried it I didn’t want to experience that again so I guess I would consider myself a VoCel.

As I grew up my body didn’t and it was difficult being so small, people would try to be sexually involved with me except I couldn’t handle it so I decided to not be in relationships by being voluntarily celibate.

Years ago I realized that I don’t like people, I don’t see any person as attractive so I refuse to get intimate with anyone so I am a voluntary celibate. #VoCel
by shatterddreams June 06, 2018
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