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A situation in which 2 conflicting individuals are looking into eachothers eyes, waiting for the enimy to make the first move, till one cant anymore so they blink or look away...
They were locked in a heated stare down waiting for eachother to fight or flee.
by Batterybob May 14, 2019

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(Concit-ation) verb
1.) When a person thinks in a manner that is sexist only to their bennifet.

2.) When a person makes every situation work in their favor.
I havent slept with my woman in over a week, i wish she would let go of the Cuntxidation that men have to make the first move EVERY time.
by Batterybob January 04, 2019

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1.) Noun
A word no one should ever stop asking.

2.) Adverb
To question something that has happened.

3.) Exclamation
A rhetorical question in surprise or disbelief.

4.) Noun
A reason or an explanation.

5.) Adverb
Ţø question someone accusingly.

6.) Adverb
Ţø ponder your existence as a pathetic human being.

7.) Noun
The last word many people will say in life...
If John had never asked why he would never have been assassinated by the government.
by Batterybob June 14, 2017

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A person that is voluntarily celibate (or former voluntary celibate) and aids in the fight against incel's whether it be by non-violent or violent (due to lack of choice), techniques, teachings and(or) apprehending through systematic infiltration of various incel groups or online communities.
I am a vocel,
I don't give in.
My heart was broken,
I just need friends.

I don't blame you,
I don't blame them.
Once I've healed,
I'll love again.
If I ever,
Love again.

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(Br-ou-n no-z-r)
Someone that is always sticking their nose into other peoples buisness. A drama queen.
The woman ran out of friends because she had a bad habbit of being a brown-noser.
by Batterybob September 25, 2018

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