Vladislav, the steeziest name, ever.
If you are named Vladislav, be glad.
Vladislav is an epic baller, partially because of his steezy name.
by The Pwn-Inator June 17, 2008
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The name Vladislav is wayy better then anyone else’s name especially if ur name starts with an M🤢🤢
Dang look it’s Vladislav’s . he’s soo hot
by Bottastic November 18, 2020
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Vladislav is a name given to the hottest guys with biggest dicks (over 300km) dude if they cum there will be a cum tsunami and never fight them btw they're Russian-Japanse Moves and jutsus can beat you up every vladislav has a stand because they are strong like jojos and very clever but if vladislav sees a girl rip just rip she is gone be happy for the whole week vladislav is stronger than chuck Norris and goku that's he's not even using a 0,00001% of his power against them bruh yes vladislav is always wearing Adidas Gucci russian gopnik clothes and has always a vodka bottle with semetschki in their bag bruh just dont forget to run if u see a vlad and if you are a girl try not to squirt at least 5 sec that's impossible so vlad is very cool and hot and he's body is sexy and he has a sixpack he's big dick is gonna to destroy the universe
Vladislav is a mafia boss with big dick and lots of money he's gangsta moves can make every girl squirt a whole month
by November 21, 2021
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Vladislav is mad, whenever you see him, mug em.
John: Hey have you seen Vladislav?
Steve: Yeah, I just mugged him and he was pretty mad
by Dhhdhshshshfhshfshshs October 16, 2020
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People named Vladislav are manliest man alive.
They are muscular , charming and they have long beautiful hair.
They can chop trees like they chop somebody's mom.
Dimitrije: Damn I wish I was like Vladislav
Peter: Me too
by PeternMuffinnn November 22, 2021
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the best boy in my life, greatest speaker and very intelligent man. man who can combinate sexy and cute, my lovely angel.
Vladislav, ilu sunny <3
by k@nr@ November 22, 2021
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Vladislavs is the person who has the hugest cock in the world. His underling is SmallFryz and has nothing to do in his life.
Vladislavs is so hot why isnt he with me??
by smallfryz December 3, 2022
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