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Vizzed board is a forum and gaming site with lots of retro games and if you go into the forums, awesome people.

It is common to see threads such as "Sonic vs Mario" or something gaming related, but there are also threads about serious discussions about politics and morals too.

It is a tight knit community, and doesn't have that overwhelming feeling big boards have.
It is common to see threads and posts on Vizzed like the following :

Septembern1 : The first videogame I have ever played was Superman on the GBA.

bignatealpha : Ooh, I can't remember exactly, but it was either Sonic CD for the computer, or Super Mario World for SNES.
by Didowe101 March 15, 2010
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An online message board where psychopathic conservative freepers reign supreme. Filled with buck toothed gun-nuts with mild cases of Down's Syndrome, its common to see threads on Vizzed such as "Darn Mexican Gov!" and "One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism". Grammar is optional and narrow-mindedness is mandatory. You better brush up on the finer works of Ann Coulter before you venture there.
Nasus: Well, you see, the Bush Administration is doomed to failure in Iraq because of the clashing religious backgrounds and...

by NasustheGreatest January 23, 2005
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