A derogatory term used to insult ones mental and/or physical abilities pertaining to a level of homosexuality and/or retardation.
Matt you are actually a nasus

These fucking nasai wont leave top lane
by Scrubit November 16, 2017
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1. Japanese for Eggplant.

2. Japanese for Amusement Parks relating to Eggplants in general.

3. A deadly snake from some novel.

4. Another name for the Eggplant Wizard from Kid Icarus, the game for Nintendo. Mostly annoying especially when Nasu goes psycho and calls for a never ending assault of flying minons.
1. That nasu was one tasty piece of shit that I've ever eaten.

2. Dude, you gotta go to Nasuland and ride the Eggplant and Tofu adventures ride.

3. The Nasu slithered its way and took a bit from my Eggplant(s).

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When you name is Sid a.k.a. Redheaded Retard, and you can't spell nauseated.

For visuals google: Sid the sloth.
Bossth I smelled my girls crotch and it made me nasus
by Bossthman May 24, 2018
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The creator of nasus has a girlfriend named Susan. Susan backwards is Nasus. Nasus was then put into league of legends. Nasus is the god of stacking. God backwards is dog. Therefore Nasus is a dog. Susan + Dog = girl. Nasus is a bitch.
Person 1:Your such a nasus
Person 2:It's alright cause I'll be your nasus ;)
by Tank P1ayer May 24, 2019
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Nasu is an abbreviation for "Not A Small Unit"
It can be used to describe a large person, this can be in relation to to the person obesity or overly large muscular appearance.
by waztrain April 15, 2009
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Only Nasus mains would look this up. Anyways, the most powerful creation in League of Legends. The stacking god. Grind city. The Carry. If you become really good at grinding, maybe consider asking your rich friend for a Infernal Nasus Skin.
Person 1:What do you think about the Nasus buff?
Person 2:I'm thinking about asking my friend to buy me that Infernal Nasus Skin.
by Tank Player May 24, 2019
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